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Do something useful and play this app to help Alzheimer's research

Time to quit twiddling your thumbs and do something useful - by downloading an app.

Sea Hero Quest is a new game that deserves every ounce of hyperbole you care to slap on it. Every two minutes spent exploring the beautiful aquatic locations of the app is equal to five hours of lab based research into dementia. 


The game is made up of three main tasks; navigating mazes, shooting flares to test players’ orientation, and chasing creatures to capture photos of them. With the data collected from every player's game, researchers are able to gain invaluable data on spatial navigation - a key skill that can be lost with early onset dementia. By collecting data (anonymously), researchers will be able to compare the results of patients with this wealth of data, indicating if an individual is performing differently to players of their own age.

Created by Deutsche Telekom in collaboration with Alzheimer’s Research UK, Scientists from University College London and the University of East Anglia and game designers, Glitchers, it's a much more valuable use of your time than Candy Crush. You can download the app now, right here



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