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Microsoft has made a Conker game for the Holo Lens


Conker's Bad Fur Day is one of the greatest games ever made. It's an opinion we'll gladly defend over several pints of your choice.

Made by Rare (the team behind that slightly successful GoldenEye 007), it was a glorious gem of adult humour amongst a catalogue of often childish Nintendo 64 characters. One of the enemies was literally a giant talking shit, The Great Mighty Poo (and this was way before the days of our emoji friend). 

So imagine our excitement at hearing that Conker is getting a new game for the augmented reality world of Microsoft's Holo Lens! More swearing! More anarchic cartoon fun! More brilliance from the minds of Rare in the new world of augmented gaming! 

It's called Young Conker! Wait... what?

Right. So it's not really taking advantage of the superbly rude franchise and its lead character - it's Microsoft bolting a very impressive augmented reality game to one of the few successful exclusive characters they have in their books (Microsoft bought Rare back in 2002). 

Young Conker is more a demonstration of the abilities of the Holo Lens than a genuine game meant for mass consumption; developers can now purchase the Holo Lens dev kit for $3,000, with the Conker title showing off how the AR headset can scan rooms and build interactive environments for users to then play unique adventures in. 

We're excited to see the full potential of the Holo Lens, but we're disappointed that Conker isn't returning for some more 18-rated adventures any time soon.



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