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How to play Facebook Messenger's secret football game

Mark Zuckerberg may not be a shape-shifting lizard mutant created in a petri-dish by Jay Z, but he’s most definitely a time-waster of the highest order.

Why else would he continue to hide day-swallowing mini games in his Facebook Messenger app?

First came chess, then basketball, and now – apropos of the Euros, Zucka’s had added a keepy-uppy game too.

Here's a step-by-step to accessing the app...



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Please be true

by Tom Victor
22 Aug 2017

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21 Aug 2017

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It's BYOB (bring your own bananas)

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17 Aug 2017

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29 Jul 2017

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18 Jul 2017

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Imagine Rainbow Road

by Matt Tate
14 Jul 2017

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Who invented this?!

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14 Jul 2017

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06 Jul 2017

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Was it always this hard?!

by Matt Tate
05 Jul 2017

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This can't be a coincidence

by Alex Finnis
27 Jun 2017