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Play over 4,000 retro games free online

Street Fighter II. Sim City. Dune II. Aladdin. Championship Manager. Doom. If any of these titles cause your eyes to glaze over and your mind to fill with 8-bit music, best free up your diary for the day. 

Thanks to software programmers Jason Scott and David Mulholland, some 4,000 classic titles that stole hours of your childhood are now free to play on your internet browser over at the Internet Archive.

While many of the titles have existed online for years, the Archive has now made the process of finding and playing them painfully simple: just type the name of your favourite pixelated pastime into the search box and chances are there'll be an MS-DOS version available. 

If you've got a shiny new, chances are that it's going to collect dust for the next few weeks. You can scroll through the entire catalogue of titles (which is still growing) here, or check out our favourite picks below.



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