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Electrician opens up PS4 to fix it, discovers something gross


Water. Sand. Tiny pieces of glass. Liquid fire. 

All things you don't want to find corrupting the innards of your precious PlayStation 4. 

One proud PS owner was clueless as to what had caused his console shut down - but was worried when the broken machine started emitting a pretty rancid smell. He took it to an electrician to see what manner of unholiness had ruined his gaming session.

Upon opening the case of the console, the electrician promptly discovered the sinister cause of the fault. 


Yep - a small, freshly fried snake.

The poor serpent had met its end after unwittingly crawling into the console through its air vents - presumably to gain some warmth from the internal electronics. When the user had powered up the PS4, the snake had shorted the circuits, breaking the console and cooking itself in the process.

Poor little guy. Everyone knows a snake's natural habitat is a mobile phone.



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