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Deadliest animals in gaming


Screeching tyres, firing rocket launchers, playing your music too loud while driving around with the windows down in Liberty City - it's easy to feel like the king of the jungle in the gaming world. Though, it’s equally as easy to be quietened by a member of the animal kingdom, and in some cases, permanently.

And here we've compiled a list of the most lethal animals in gaming:

A shark in Scarface

First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the snorkel. Or at least this is how it should've panned out for Tony Montana in this gaming spin-off of the bombastically eighties film; he might've been able to spot the hefty Great White which had an unhealthy taste for him – perhaps attracted by the cocaine or bright suits - and avoided being gulped in one go.

A T Rex in Jurassic Park

Maybe it thought we were making fun of its disproportionately little arms. That could explain why the T-Rex got so much joy from chasing us around this game and evidently (see the video below) chowing down on all luckless humans at its own will. In hindsight, before getting in the trucks we should’ve read the dinosaur handbook and discovered that a T Rex can’t see things that stand still.

Cougars in Red Dead Redemption

No, not a rabid Courtney Cox after a younger piece of suburban meat. The cougars we mean, in Rockstar’s Wild West masterpiece, are of the animal variety. More vicious than wolves – one strike is enough to kill a horse and two strikes to kill the player – they’re undoubtedly the reason for using save points whenever possible.

Deathclaw in Fallout 3

There’s nothing more pitiful than a chameleon that can’t change colour. Not that you’d tell the Deathclaw, a single-coloured chameleon turned mutant found butchering humans in the Fallout series, though. Terrifyingly, it can’t speak but can mimic human voices in a parrot-type fashion and, as the footage below shows it even attacks children’s birthday parties. Evil personified.

Grizzly bear in Tenchu: Fatal Shadows

A fondness for getting stuck in trees and advertising toilet tissue- these are the interests you associate with the king of the woodland, the bear. Ferociously mauling ninjas to death with under-three-seconds ruthlessness, on the other hand, like seen in one incarnation of the Tenchu series, is not what you’d expect. And now you know why ninjas are extinct.

Zombie dogs in Resident Evil 4

Zombie dogs aren’t like normal dogs. They don’t sit when you tell them to, they don’t take kindly to being kept on a lead, and certainly aren’t content with Pedigree Chum. Indeed, a dream pet for any lethargic dog owner, despite the risk of death or almost certainty of death if the ones in Resident Evil 4 are anything to go by.

Attack dogs in Call of Duty: Black Ops

Besides the spoils of victory, the main draw of winning a death match on Black Ops is the knowledge that you probably unlocked a pack of attack dogs to do so. It’s a kill-streak so brutally efficient that it not only sends your hilariously ironic call sign rocketing up the leader board but also your rivals to the mortuary.

Monty Mole from Mario

Okay, so he’s never going to give Master Chief cold sweats or even rival Bowser when it comes to Mario World, but we’re including this one because his cuteness hides his deadliness. There’s nothing worse than leaping past countless enemies and pitfalls in record time only to be surprised by a smarmy mole with the pipe-hogging ability of Hugh Hefner before you can slide down for victory.

Shadow the Dog in Dead to Rights

From K-9 to Hooch, it’s clear that cinema loves promoting man’s best friend to lead detective, and it’s only in Dead to Rights, the John Woo-esque third-person shooter, where gaming mirrors that. Shadow, however, is a bit more sadistic than your typical fluffy police dog on the big-screen: with the option to control him in certain scenes you can take down bad guys from behind and maim them as you do so.



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