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10 ways gaming can make you super rich

You're handy at FIFA. You can hold your own against the most foul-mouthed Texan 14-year-old. Yet, despite everything, you've struggled to convert your three-games-a-day habit into anything more substantial.

But that doesn't mean you should give up. In recent years competitive gaming, or eSports, has emerged from fringe obscurity to major spectator events (several million tuned in to the finals of the major DOTA 2 2015 championship, 'The International'), and the pot of prize money offered to professional gamers is beginning to rival that of more "traditional" sports.

We're talking millions. The type of money that footballers and Colombian drug dealers make.

So which games can make you money? And do you have to be a pro-player to make cash from your obsession? Here are 10 methods of turning your hobby into cold hard cash (if you're good enough).



The 50 worst pieces of video game box art


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GoldenEye 007.jpg

This is what GoldenEye 64 would look like if it was made today


A real-life Mario Kart track is coming and yes, it looks amazing

It's BYOB (bring your own bananas)

by Tom Victor
17 Aug 2017

'The Sims' is not escapism, it's the saddest game ever made

Want an escape from real life? Do anything but reinstall The Sims

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29 Jul 2017

Man runs Football Manager for 1000 years and insane things happened

The future of football is a weird, wonderful place

by Dave Fawbert
18 Jul 2017

Mario Kart VR is a real thing and it looks ridiculously fun

Imagine Rainbow Road

by Matt Tate
14 Jul 2017

People are freaking out over this totally stupid Super Mario puzzle

Who invented this?!

by Alex Finnis
14 Jul 2017

I went in search of the last trainers still hooked on Pokémon Go

Can the app still draw mass crowds one year on, or is it all just Pokemon G(h)o-st towns now?

by Hussein Kesvani
06 Jul 2017

The Crash Bandicoot remaster is a time machine to your childhood

Was it always this hard?!

by Matt Tate
05 Jul 2017

This little easter egg about Mario's appearance is really satisfying

This can't be a coincidence

by Alex Finnis
27 Jun 2017

How well do you remember the 'Crash Bandicoot' games?

Wind back that clock to happier times

by Matt Tate
21 Jun 2017

There is a Theresa May fields of wheat game and it's pretty naughty

It's also really addictive

by Matt Tate
21 Jun 2017