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Crossy Road and 9 other addictive mobile games that’ll steal your life


Thought Flappy Bird was a big bundle of annoyingly addictive phone fun? You haven’t seen anything yet.

We've pulled together our top ten attention stealing, pixelated masterpieces for your enjoyment and procrastination. Start booking in your sick days now.

Crossy Road


Currently the most popular game in the whole of the UK right now. Essentially a smartphone version of Frogger, Crossy Road is an arcade classic in the making.

Cost: Free

Download: iOS, Android





Firstly, this game is absolutely beautiful. It looks incredible. Secondly, it’s an origami based puzzle game which is something we never thought would hit the mobile gaming market let alone be good. But it is, massively so.

Cost: £1.49 on iOS, free with in-app purchases on Android

Download: iOS, Android


pinna app

How far can you ride an animated unicycle? Probably not as far as you’d think. The solo-wheeled angry brother of Flappy Bird. Prepare to be very annoyed.

Cost: Free

Download: iOS, Android



A weirdly addictive experience that has you falling through the insides of an odd monster. Sort of like the Adventure Time episode where they have a party inside the big, angry, tree-eating monster thing. Except not.

Cost: Free

Download: iOS, Android





A puzzle game for fans of beautiful, hand drawn illustration. Created in collaboration with Rekka Bellum, you’ll be sucked into a beautiful iOS world of intertwined megastructures that you need to find your way around with the help of bizaroid characters.

Cost: £1.49

Download: iOS



Picture the dodgems at the yearly fair that sets up in your local park. Now imagine that those dodgems had less 80's disco music and candyfloss sick on the seats and it was actually a slickly designed psychedelic app experience that's every bit a minimalist art triumph as it is a highly addictive game.

We've lost you haven’t we? Don’t worry, just play the game. It’s brilliant.

Cost: Free

Download: iOS, Android




Simple and straight to the point. Dodge stuff. Pull hair out in frustration.

Cost: Free

Download: iOS, Android



Navigate your way down an endless mountain of untouched snow in this soothing, retro inspired ski simulator. The gaming equivalent of whale music in a flotation tank.

Cost: Free

Download: iOS



A hand drawn, moving spot the difference game that'll suck your waking hours into a great big black hole. Simply board a train, set it off and spot all of the differences before your locomotive falls out of view. Beautifully intense and stressful.

Cost: £1.49

Download: iOS

Band Land


The simplest premise in the world: How many bands can you name? Which is strange, because it's also one of the most head smashingly frustrating ones too. You'll sweat, you'll squirm, you'll make involuntary noises of disappointment. You'll also occasionally glance at the amazing designs and think… 'that'd make an ace poster'.

Cost: Free




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