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This levitation gauntlet is the coolest thing we've ever seen


Ever since we saw Darth Vader crush a man's throat with a pinch of his fingers, we've wanted to wield similar hands-free powers. 

Not for murder, you understand. We're not weirdos. 

Imagine our delight, then, upon discovering that the University of Bristol's Bristol Interaction Group (BIG) are trying to make that possible (again, not the murder bit) with the GauntLev range: a series of wearable levitation devices.

The technology sees the wearer equipped with a variety of grids of acoustic transistors. By manipulating the air with sound waves, these grids are able to create 'acoustic traps', allowing the user to manipulate small particles. BIG has created three tools with the technology, each worthy of some sort of scientific prize due to their names alone: there's the 'Gauntlet of Levitation', the 'Sonic Screwdriver' and 'Ultra Tongs'.

While the technology could see application in scenarios that see scientists interact with dangerous materials, we prefer to imagine handling our barbecue of the future with a set of acoustic ultra tongs, catching a cold one thrown by a mate with a gauntlet of levitation.

Make it happen, BIG.



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