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This 'glove' will actually give you Minority Report computer skills


Keyboards are a bit naff, aren't they? A 20th century lump of plastic, with 100-ish smaller plastic lumps, whose only recent advances have involved removing the cables in exchange for Bluetooth. 

We want laser buttons. We want Minority Report flappy hand tricks. We want a pair of Gest gloves.

Gest (as in, 'gesture') is a wearable device that promises to give you Tom Cruise's finely choreographed computing abilities: 15 sensors sit in ring-like finger attachments, connected to a central palm band.

"But what can I do with it?"

Basically, anything. The software lets you build your own unique gestures into a whole heap of apps and programs. Photoshop designer? Use your hand to adjust values, add layers, undo actions, save files - all without interacting with a mouse or keyboard.

Every conceivable hand action, from flicking to swiping to spinning, or even making specific shapes with your hands ("Bullhorns" for "save"?), can be assigned to a shortcut or action. 

The Gest controllers are so sensitive they can even be used to type - though your touch typing skills will have to be on point. Autocorrect options will make the best guess of what you're attempting to say, but we can't imagine this will be any faster than using a conventional keyboard. 

Currently seeking funding via a Kickstarter project, Gest is expected to ship in November 2016. You can put an order in now for a single controller at around £100.

Until then, you'll have to make do with your dull old QWERTY.



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