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The Wooden Speaker iPod Dock


A passive speaker might not sound like much. In fact it sounds the sort of device that would run the other way if a ruckus in Best Buy were ever to break out.

That said, if you’re looking for a home sound system as refined as it is revolutionary, you can be sure the naturally amplified Chinon Legato CH-PS849 iPhone Speaker has your back.

Along with giving that gramophone at your Granddad’s house a 21st century upgrade thanks largely to its inimitable wooden amplifier, the Legato needs no electricity. Instead, a series of intricate chamber channels heighten the sound waves through the horn to both equalizing and amplify some rich and smooth sounds from your iPod organically.

Crafted from ash hardwood, this the pine-based acoustics increase sound through the speaker by up to six decibels - furthermore, compatible with the iPhone 4 upwards, there should be no problem in downloading The Charleston or something equally fitting.

Priced at a reassuring £190, it’s a wise investment. So long as you don’t take it to your Granddad's house. He might flatten your iPod with a 12-inch record.




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