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The underground beer cooler


What's Danish, 113cm tall, 30cm in diameter, holds 24 cans of beer and is going to save the world?

Introducing the eCool - the underground beer cooler that clearly isn't going to prove the solution world peace, but will help cut down on beer-cooling energy costs.

Installed by drilling (or digging, if you're mad enough) into the earth, the eCool uses the fridge-like temperatures of the surrounding soil to cool up to 24 beer cans - loaded into its crank-handle-operated conveyor belt.

Given that below-ground temperatures don't shift too much between winter and summer, the eCool promises you'll have cold, unfrozen booze all year round. Simple engineering, manly to the core, it's pretty much the greatest invention since the wheel.

Available for around £210, head over to the eCool site to place your order.

(Images: eCool)



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