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The robot that needs the toilet


Remember when your kid sister would go through various dolls that boasted different human characteristics? Now, laughing and even crying we could understand but when she started playing with the one who needed a nappy change, it all became too much for us to take.

Well this is pretty much the boy version of that. After creating robots that could draw, DJ and terrify prospective dentists, God-provoking geeks have now invented a droid that needs a potty.

The Ecobot-III was invented by researchers at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory and survives on food and water and ultimately excretes waste by the end of a day. It also ingests human feces which has bizarrely gained it interest from NASA as it could act as a suitable companion to future space missions.

The completely not-creepy creation is another step towards robotic self-sustainability which is something we apparently want to encourage. It's like no-one's been listening to Hollywood all this time.

You can read more worrying information here.



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