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The pillow that knows when you're sad


So, be honest, what did you really do this Valentine's Day? Did your night involve drinking alone, listening to Jeff Buckley and pre-writing texts to your ex that you never had the guts to send?

Ours didn't obviously. We watched Rambo and went to the gym and ate some rare steak. Standing up. But, say that you were the sort of person who might have needed a shoulder to cry on, in case of a major influx of dust, then this invention might be right up your street.

The Sleepy Weepy Pillow is the most sensitive pillow you'll ever meet. It contains a moisture sensor that can tell when you've been crying. It then soothes you with music or a recordable greeting. So whether it's an inspirational soft-rock ballad or your own voice telling you to grow a pair, an instant tear-cure is at hand.

What's the best thing about it all? Well, you can make it yourself. The instructions can be found here and luckily, it involves the use of things like soldering iron and a voltage regulator so you can feel proper manly before you cry your eyes out.

Watch how it works below:

(Image: YouTube)



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