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The hot tub hammock is much better than it sounds


"The Hydro Hammock gives us the bliss of a hot tub and the supportive comfort and freedom of a hammock."

You had us at "Hydro Hammock".

What sounds like the brainwave of a sweaty flat of university 'lads' is actually the genuine creation of Benjamin H. Frederick, an Oregon-based inventor who knows his way around the wet end of a hut tub. 

The Hydro Hammock is a more complicated feat of engineering than a durable, waterproof sling of fabric: squeezed into its wheelie storage box is a battery powered gas water heating system, offering three hours of warm bubbly water after a full charge. Attach the water inlet to a garden tap or body of water (even the sea), stick the outlet pipe into your hammock, and lie back as the Hydrohammock's heating system pumps a supply of pleasantly warm (or cold) liquid into your hanging hot tub.

Currently seeking funding via Kickstarter, you can order a Hydro Hammock for $260 (£169), with first deliveries expected in September 2015.

Until then, you're just going to have to make do with filling up a that grubby blue tarpaulin you left in the loft with tepid bath water. 

(Images: Hydro Hammock)



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