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The greatest garage ever


Unless you're Bruce Wayne or maybe Michael Bay, your garage (if you even have one) is unlikely to be worthy of much attention. It probably serves a very simple purpose and, until reading this, you were probably perfectly happy with it.

Well, you're about to get really, irrationally angry at your stupid garage.

It's doubtful that it can even hold a torch to the Hangar Home, which lives in Florida in case you want to make yours feel even more worthless.

An inventive couple transformed the back of their house into a giant garage door which opens up into a storage area. As you can see from the end of the video, it just looks like a big indoor yard sale right now. Wasted opportunity if you ask us. To be fair though, the owners have probably been spending most of their time with their jaws on the floor at how genuinely awesome they are.

[Via Autoblog]


Pic 4.jpg

The Transformers House


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