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The floating turn table is the best way to show off your vinyl


How's that vinyl collection coming along? Broken any shelves yet? Well your latest essential purchase isn't a new record - it's a new turntable.

Gramovox has a history of artful music solutions: their Bluetooth Gramophone is the de facto most attractive wireless speaker available. The Floating Record Vertical Turntable is set to revolutionise the way you display and play classic discs.

Rather than hiding away your vinyl under a transparent box, the Floating Record displays your chosen disc in a flashy-if-precarious upright position. By shifting the angle of the record through 90 degrees, Gramovox's design claims to take up less room than a conventional turntable.

They haven't skimped on build quality: the sound cartridge comes in the form of an Audio Technica AT95E, the belt can be shifted for 33 and a half inch or 45 RPM playback, and a set of two inch speakers deliver tunes if you don't have a larger speaker setup (there's an audio out on the rear).

Having already smashed its Kickstarter target, the first Floating Record players will be shipping in December in a walnut or maple finish for the handsome price of £222. 

And you're right, you definitely shouldn't consider getting one if you live with children, pets or particularly clumsy housemates.



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