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The bizarre one-wheeled motorcycle


You probably don't own a unicycle. They're difficult to ride, aren't energy efficient and deadly on anything other than a flat surface. Despite that, you can't deny you want to ride a one-wheeled motorcycle. Don't you? Thought so.

Last week we featured the beautifully-bizarre Onewheel - a Kickstarter project looking to create a one-wheeled skateboard. This week it's the turn of the one-wheeled motorcycle, Ryno.

Built around an electric motor in its single wheel, you control this mircocycle ("Half the bike, twice the fun") not by the handlebars, but with your body weight. Titling forward will accelerate the Ryno to a top speed of 10mph, while leaning back reduces speed. You turn by leaning into corners. With a 10-mile range and 6 hour battery charge time, the Ryno is built for short inner-city commutes rather than any substantial travelling.

Seven years in the making, the Ryno will start shipping in the summer of 2014. We're looking to get one for the office - it would make fetching the post a breeze. Apart from the stairs. We forgot about the stairs.

(Images: Ryno Motors)

(Via: Uncrate)



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