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The All-In-One Swipe Card


Consolidation is everything these days - and here is a sleek new device to do just that to your wallet.

Swyp is a stylish metal card which can store all of your debit, credit, gift and loyalty cards on one device. It's also paired with a phone app, which can then track all of your transactions and log receipts. This also aids security, with the card automatically locking if it becomes out of range of your phone - although this can be overridden with the use of a PIN if you've left your phone at home that day.

Simply store your cards by swiping them with a phone attachment and away you go; just scroll through using on-card buttons to select which one you want to use. Your Swyp card will work everywhere that your plastic is currently accepted - making it better than mobile wallets, which only work on NFC enabled terminals.

While phones will probably end up incorporating this tech themselves, this is an elegant solution in the meantime.

Find out more by heading to the Swyp website and watching the (excellently cheesy) video below. You can preorder now for $49 (£32).

[via Uncrate]




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