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The alarm clock that won't let you snooze


We've never really thought that alarm clocks needed to toughen up. They've always lived firmly on the dark side for us.

But, it seems that human cruelty knows no bounds. Paul Sammut has created an alarm clock that won't let you get away with your over-reliance on the snooze button. When the alarm goes off, you have to enter a pin code into a separate panel before it stops. Sammut recommends you put this panel in your bathroom, to force you out of bed.

Before you think you might be able to outsmart it by just pulling the plug, the clock has a battery that means it can last for hours, without the help of electricity. Oh and just before you think that you can wake up just before the alarm and delay the time, it goes into lock-down 30 minutes before, meaning no changes can be made.

The Ramos Alarm Clock isn't yet available for normals but it's on Kickstarter where you can donate funding to get your hands on one. Find out more information below.



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