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Side-By-Side Comparison Of Every iPhone Camera May Surprise You

iPhone-Comparison-Download (2).jpg

While the yearly improvement of the iPhone has often left many end users disappointed ("Where's the bigger battery? Or the laser keyboard? Or the app that makes me rich?"), one feature is guaranteed an incremental advance: the camera.

To explore this serious strength of Apple's smartphone, web photographer guru Lisa Bettany has produced an impressive tech stash: a working model of every iPhone iteration, from the Original to iPhone 6S. 

With this array of devices to hand, she's set about taking a detailed photo comparison series, capturing an image of exactly the same image (without, admittedly, controlling the lighting in every scenario) to see just how the camera tech has progressed.

From macro to low-light, here are the results...


If you took away the phone model labels, we're pretty certain we'd have picked the iPhone 4S over the newer models on several occasions.

That said, the iPhone 6S is consistently brilliant across the range of tests - proving that Apple has still got "it" when it comes to mobile photography. Even though there isn't an adjustable aperture yet. 

Still, after adding an Instagram filter, they all look the same anyway, right?



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