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Real-life Robotic Assistant


The Jetsons had Rosie, Luke had R2-D2, Theodore had Samantha (Her, but you knew that) and soon you can have Jibo.

This 30cm-high Wall-E extra is the closest technology has come to offering us our very own robotic personal assistant. Designed by the technological wizards of the Personal Robots Group at the MIT Media Lab, Jibo can carry out a variety of network and app-based tasks via voice command - think Siri, but with greater (more terrifying) powers.

A three-axis motor system swivels Jibo's frame to point his HD LCD 'face' at whoever is addressing him. Two cameras - one for video, one for stills - equip the PA facial recognition, while a 360 degree microphone coupled with a language processor give Jibo the ability to 'understand' what you're saying (or rather, recognise a vast range of pre-set commands).

At present, Jibo's uses might sound a touch limited: he'll be able to carry out hands-free calls, capture video and photos, read your messages and reminders on queue and control any other high tech toys you might have in your 'connected home'. However, as soon as developers get their hands on Jibo's workings, its designers hope the variety of applications available to the robotic PA will grow rapidly.

Currently looking to gain funds via Indiegogo, Jibo will set you back the best part of £295. Don't expect him to start sorting your calendar until 2015 though. For more on Jibo, check out the terrifying promotion video below...

(Images: Jibo)

[Via: Uncrate]



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