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Meet The Cyborg Drummer


Anyone who's ever predicted a future where robotic rock bands will sell out stadia worldwide might just want to see the clip below, championing the latest leap in prosthetic technologies.

Eight years ago, drumming enthusiast Jason Barnes lost his right arm from below the elbow, and thanks to Gil Weinberg, a professor at Georgia Tech in the US, placing electromyography muscle sensors in Barnes’ upper arm to control a stick, he’s got his talent back.

But that's far from the most impressive part, as Weinberg also has also added a second, autonomous, stick which listens to the music and improvises its own beat.

In short, it’s an exciting prospect for anyone with designs on watching a band of robots by some point in 2040. As to whether they’d have the battery life to outlast one of Bruce Springsteen's live shows remains to be seen.



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