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Japanese robot to do Hawaii Triathlon


This little punk is such a meathead. Such a jock.

After scaling the Grand Canyon (what, you've not done that?) and driving the Le Mans racetrack for 24 hours (sinch) the pint-sized Japanese robot is eyeing up Hawaii's Ironman Triathlon.

Made by Panasonic his name's Evolta and he comes with three different fitted bodies and three rechargeable batteries (cheating much?). The little chap will swim, bicycle and run his way through one of the world's toughest triathlon routes which totals 143 miles.

"This is very tough even for a sportsman, but I think it is worth a challenge," Tomotaka Takahashi, who created the robot told Reuters.

"The robot will encounter a lot of hardships on its way, but I hope it will overcome them all and succeed in the end."

Chances are he's not going to breaking any speed records in the process. The time given to complete the task is one week or 168 hours, which is ten times longer than it would take a sportsman.

"Evolta's height is just one-tenth of a grown man, so we figured out that it would take it 10 times more time," Takahashi said. Sounds fair enough.

Did we mention that Evolta has also walked the 500 km from Tokyo to the old Japanese capital of Kyoto. Probably took him 15 years, but he did it.

Swim fatboy!

Pedal lardass!

Run tubby!

Climb chunk!

Images: Getty/YouTube.com/Evolta


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