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Incredible: You Can Control Your iPhone By Moving Your Head


The iPhone is full of secret, unbelievably useful little tricks - who could forget its covert stalking function - but this is, without doubt, the coolest party trick that we've learned about so far.

Swiping? Thumbs? Touchscreens? Oh that's so yesterday. We want to control our iPhone by looking at it. And it turns out that you actually can.

Read on to find out how.

Go to settings:


Scroll down and click General:

iPhone Head

Then Accessibility:

iPhone Head

Then scroll all the way down to Switch Control:

iPhone Head

Flick the switch control switch on:

iPhone Head

Click OK if you have a warning dialog, then ignore any moving blue rectangles for now.

Then, on the same menu, click Switches:

iPhone Head

Now, Add New Switch...

iPhone Head

Choose camera:

iPhone Head

Hit Left head movement:

iPhone Head

Now choose Home Button:

iPhone Head

Then hit add new switch again...

iPhone Head


iPhone Head

Now hit Right Head Movement:

iPhone Head

And choose tap:

iPhone Head

Now, look at your phone. Then move your head to the left.

And, like genuine magic, your phone will return to the home screen.

iPhone Head

And once you've recovered from the shock, watch that blue rectangle move around the home screen. Wait until it's hovering over the set of icons featuring the one you want to click - then move your head right.

iPhone Head

Then wait until it's on the exact icon you want - and move your head right again.

iPhone head

Incredible. Now click away to your heart - or your head's - content, waiting for the blue rectangle or square to hover over the link you want to choose.

Any problems? Make sure the Auto Scanning option in the Switch Control menu is on:

iPhone head

And you can always change the commands that your head-moving makes: you can use it to activate Siri, increase and decrease volume and much more.

(Don't worry - you can still tap your phone like normal, and simply head back to Switch Control to turn it off at any time. But why would you ever want to?)



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