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How to make your phone charge faster


You need to be out of the house in 20 minutes. In that time, you need to shower, eat, book a cab and charge your phone. 

While we haven't got any tips on those former topics (don't tread on the soap, chew your food and get an Uber), we do have some pointers for the latter. 

Here's how to get your phone charged in super quick time.


Turn it to Aeroplane Mode

Obvious, but effective. By making your phone do less while it's charging, it won't be draining away those precious extra minutes gathering data, pulling in Facebook updates and changing weather stats. You could turn your phone off, but the process of shutting down can actually gobble up a surprising amount of battery life.

To squeeze maximum juice into your handset in the shortest amount of time, shut down all your open apps, switch to Aeroplane Mode, turn off the screen and plug in to charge. 

Don't use your laptop or computer

Most USB ports on laptops or computers only provide a little trickle of charging juice (roughly 2.5w on a standard USB port, up to 4.5w on a USB 3.0), so if you're in a hurry, don't take the easy option of plugging in to a computer...


Use a wall charger

...find your 'official' charger and plug it into the wall. For iPhone users, better still is using an iPad charger, which will kick out a larger number of Watts (it's safe, don't worry). 

If you're using an Android phone, you might want to check here if it's compatible with new Quick Charge chargers: these are devices that will pump your phone faster than your standard model, but may shorten your battery life a little in the long run.

Avoid: Crappy, cheap chargers that you can buy for £2 from Amazon. Likewise, don't use some random old USB cable you found knocking about the office. 

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