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There's a game-changing email feature you need to know about


Right - that's the cover letter nailed, CV polished to within an inch of its life. You used "Yours faithfully" and everything. They'll bloody love that. 

Just need to attach them to the email, put the right subject heading and... send! 


WAIT, WAIT, SH*TTING WAIT A SECOND. You've open the email with the line "Dear [NAME]". Unless by the kindest twist of fate the head of HR is weirdly called ' [NAME]', you've just shot this job opportunity in the face.

If only there was an email undo button. 

Enter stage right, hero of the hour, Gmail and its new setting "Undo Email".

Having migrated from the testing ground of Google Labs to the Google Inbox app, a button that allows you to "unsend" an email has now been added to Google's Gmail service.


The setting allows emails sent after 10, 20 or 30 seconds to be undo. Should your selected time pass - that's it. The email is out in the web, set to arrive in the inbox of whoever you sent it to.

The "Undo Email" feature doesn't plunder the inbox of your recipient in order to retrieve the offending message: there's an adjustable delay time window you can control, allowing you to have second thoughts and act accordingly. Other email providers such as Outlook have had a "Delay Email" feature for many years - allowing you to check emails before they're pushed out - but Gmail's "Undo" button adds a nice level of theatre to the function.

We're just sorry they didn't introduce this feature before that flirty email for Clare in accounts was sent to "Reply All"...



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