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Genius tech to improve your sleep

Sacrificing sleep for productivity? Bad news: it could be ruining your health. Luckily, new zzz-boosting gear is here to sweeten your dreams

Donald Trump says that he never sleeps more than four hours a night. It’s a claim that, like his candy floss coiffure, baffles scientists. According to the pointy heads, getting less than six hours’ sleep will cause the average person to gain weight and experience ‘diminished activity’ in the frontal lobe, resulting in poor decision making. Make of that what you will, but assuming that you’re not The Trump, the quality of your sleep is probably having a greater influence on your health than your diet or exercise.

But how does one go about getting a better night’s kip? Isn’t sleeping just an uncontrollable binge on brain chemicals? Well, yes, but thanks to the advancement of sensors and brain science, the latest slumber gadgets are doing for sleep what the Fitbit did for exercise. We’re telling you – these products are going to be YUGE.



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