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Freaky Isopod iPhone case


Japan shouldn't be able to surprise us any more. Having scoffed at the spray-on cool in a can, shuddered at the black ninja burger and guffawed at their exercise adverts, we thought we'd seen every quirk their culture had to offer. How wrong we were.

This strange prehistoric monster hasn't crawled from the depths of the ocean to terrorise mobile users - it's an iPhone case modelled on Rhubarb Gusokumushi, a renowned isopod (a deep sea relative of the humble woodlouse) from Japan's Toba Aquarium who passed away in February having not eaten for a staggering five years.

For some reason that alludes us, old Rhubarb was popular enough that Japanese teenagers want to cradle their mobile in his likeness: the lower tail section disconnects, allowing you to slot your mobile between the terrifying legs of the isopod. Leave it upright on a table and you're just asking someone to kill it with fire.

Extending the phone's dimensions to a whopping 50mm by 200mm by 105mm, this limited edition case is available in silver (£42) or gold (£72) from Amazon Japan. The only conceivable advantage we can think the case offers is in deterring squeamish phone thieves, or freaking out anyone who was left unsettled by cult horror, The Bay. It's what Rhubarb would have wanted.

(Images: ITMedia)

[Via: io9]



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