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Everything you need to know about Samsung's new gadgets


Samsung is going big. Five point seven inches big, to be exact.

In a flurry of flashy videos and fanfares, Samsung revealed two new smartphones yesterday in an Apple-esque media circus, and teased an immensely pretty smartwatch in the process.

The Galaxy S6 Edge + is, as the name would suggest, a bigger version of the sleek curved screen S6 Edge: it's a big smartphone, but in addition to adding more inches to the screen the extra size allows for more grunt to be crowbarred into the handset. There's 4GB of RAM (which is massive for a phone), a bigger battery, and new features - like being able to assign apps to the curved edge of the screen, like a computer tool bar.


There's also a live streaming app powered by YouTube, set to compete against the likes of Periscope and Meerkat. The wireless charging function remains intact from the S6, as does the 16-megapixel camera sensor.

Another pocket-filler Samsung revealed was its Note 5 - a more familiar 'phablet' with a 5.7-inch screen and stylus pen. However, there are currently no plans to release this chunk of hardware in Europe, due to "marketing reasons". Samsung may well decide to reverse that decision in later months, if it's convinced that big phones are just as popular in Europe as they are in Asia. 


It wasn't just phones that Samsung was keen to show off, teasing the new Gear S2 smartwatch. 

A far more conventional watch design than many smart offerings (we're looking at you, Apple), we'll learn more about this circular timepiece when it's revealed in full in September.


Do bigger 'phablet' phones appeal to you, or is anything too big to fit in your pocket a waste of tech? Let us know below...



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