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Dogs Trust launches dog emoji

The British people love dogs. Nearly one in four households (24 per cent, to be exact) have one - which means there are some 9 million canines around the UK. Cats? Only 7.9 million.

Canine fans the country over have long suffered with a unique frustration: a distinct lack of pooch emoji. The latest Unicode emoji range contained only a small pack of dog emoji, a linguistic constriction on communicating your dog-related thoughts that has compelled the Dogs Tust to lend a hand. Or paw. 


The dog welfare charity has created its very own dog emoji keyboard, with a range of 23 of the most popular breeds around the UK (yes, of course there's a pug). Here's the list in full, which you can browse in the gallery above:

1) Beagle

2) Bischon Frise

3) Border Collie

4) Boxer

5) Chihuahua

6) Cocker Spaniel

7) Crossbreed

8) Dachshund

9) Dalmatian

10) English Sheepdog

11) French Bull Dog

12) German Shepherd

 13) Great Dane

14) Greyhound

15) Husky

16) Jack Russell Terrier

17) Labrador

18) Pug

19) Rottweiler

20) Shar-Pei

21) Shih Tzu

22) Staffordshire Bull Terrier

23) Yorkshire Terrier

The keyboard is free to download for both Apple and Android users (sorry Windows). 

Finally, a chance to give your canine companion a presence on your dog and bone.



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