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CAT has made a smartphone that's basically a Terminator


You know CAT, right? The bunch who make the massive yellow construction machinery? You had a bunch of miniature versions of them as a kid?

Well they've poured their rugged credentials into the hardiest smartphone we've ever seen - the CAT S60.


Aimed squarely at those in "heavy" industries (construction, farming, places where everyone wears hard boots and frowns), the S60 turns away from modern smartphone conventions of a slimline case in favour of a tough Die Cast Frame and the latest, toughest Gorilla glass screen - capable of withstand drops onto concrete from up to 1.8m.

The touch screen is responsive to both gloved hands and wet contact, meaning you won't have to wipe yourself down every time you need to use it. The real party piece though is the FLIR thermal camera: by switching from the 13-megapixel camera to the thermal lens, users can spot heat loss around windows, spotting moisture and finding overheating appliances.


Is it as elegant as an iPhone? No, but unlike an iPhone, this can be submerged in water for an hour and come out still taking amazing pictures.

Don't worry - you don't need to own a digger to get your hands on one: you can currently register your interest for a S60 over on CAT's website

Anyone for a thermal selfie? 



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