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Apple almost called the iPhone a Telepod

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The word iPhone has rapidly become one of the most frequently used tech terms around and no competitor has managed to come close to creating an equally powerful name for their product.

But things could have been very different. At a recent event at the University of Arizona, Ken Segall, the former head of advertising for Apple, revealed what the iPhone was almost called.

They were as follows:

Telepod - this was almost used because it sounded like a futuristic telephone and it sounded like a natural progression from the iPod

Mobi - as a shortened version of mobile, this was seen as a creative spin on the word with more personality

Tripod - again, this was seen as a progression from iPod and since the iPhone would be used for music, internet and as a phone, the name seemed to make sense

iPad - ultimately stored away for a later date, this was also seen as a name that would fit in with previous products

You can see Segall talk through all of this here:



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