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Amazing Lamp Turns Any Colour It Touches


First there was a pen that could draw any colour and now there's a lamp that shines any colour it touches. If this isn't proof that magic is increasing in power, then we don't know what is.

The Colourup is a table lamp by designers PEGA that can mimic the colour of anything that its base comes into contact with. When the silicone outer casing is squeezed, a receptor in the base absorbs the colour frequency that it sees and then instructs the light to emit the same hue; thus the mood of a room can be changed at the drop of a hat (or the squeeze of a giant lightbulb).

The product is apparently fully completed and should be hitting the market soon - in the meantime check out one of the amazing videos that the company has produced to see the Colourup in action.

(Images: PEGA)

[via DesignBoom]



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