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Gorgeous timepiece from Spain's newest watch brand


Beginner's luck? No such thing.

Ophion might be new to the watch business, but they know their way around a piece of wristwear. A study of 1960's minimalism, their first timepiece - the OPH 960 - is a curved marvel.

Sporting a domed dial, dauphine hands (with subtle glow-in-the-dark colouring) and a hand-wound Swiss movement, this is a refreshing blast of "proper" watchmaking in an age of smart-pretenders.


Designed in Spain, made in Germany, Ophion is currently taking orders for its debut piece - available with either a black or brown strap. 

There's no word on price yet, but we imagine it'll cost somewhere between a basic Casio and a top of the line Apple Watch. What can we say, we have vague imaginations...




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