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Footwear in film you can actually buy


While the majority of film props are as unobtainable as they are impractical, fashion remains the exception to that rule.

So then - how better to step into the shoes of your favourite film characters, than by, erm, stepping into their shoes?

Here we've assembled a line up of some choice footwear either featured or influenced by a film, which you can snap up yourself.


Onitsuka Tiger Tai Chi - Kill Bill

Seen on the feet of: Beatrix Kiddo

In paying sartorial homage to Bruce Lee’s character in Game Of Death for 2002’s Kill Bill, Quentin Tarantino didn’t stop at the ankle. He fitted Uma Thurman’s vengeful heroine out in a supple pair of yellow and black Asics Onitsuka Tiger Tai Chi, which, like the hundreds of wannabe brawlers kicked in the face by Thurman's assassin found out first hand, is quite the mouthful.

Buy here


Nike High Top Vandals - The Terminator

Seen on the feet of: Kyle Reese

“I need your clothes, your Nike Vandals, and your motorcycle.” Not quite the classic line spawned by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, of course, but given the widespread appreciation of the Vandals showcased on Kyle Reese as the time-leaping maverick slid his way through an array of ‘80s discothèques in the first installment, it might as well have been. The shoe's latest incarnation is very special indeed. Timeless.

Buy here


Nike Air Mag - Back To The Future: Part 2

Seen on the feet of: Marty McFly

Long coveted by BTTF fan-boys and trainer junkies alike, the self-tying pair donned by Marty McFly in 1989’s Back To The Future sequel were years ahead of their time. 26, to be precise - patented by Nike in 2010, the high-tech shoes are now slated for a 2015 release; and if that’s not soon enough for your liking, Nike produced 1,5000 replica pairs minus the auto-lacing last year, meaning there are still a few kicking around on eBay.

Buy here


Gucci Horsebit Loafers - The Wolf of Wall Street

Seen on the feet of: Jordan Belfort

In Martin Scorsese’s recent triumph The Wolf of Wall Street, costume designer Sandy Powell was on the money when it came to presenting the impeccably dressed cast. In addition to the sharp pinstripe and double-breasted Armani power suits, Powell topped it off with the ultimate playboy-staples. Yes, you guessed it, black Gucci Horsebit loafers: the epitome of the high-flying, testosterone-fueled decadence of the '80s banking scene. Inflation allowing, prices today start from £400.

Buy here


Church’s Ryder III suede Desert Boot - Quantum of Solace

Seen on the feet of: James Bond

When James Bond dresses down, he still puts every man and his dog to shame in the sartorial stakes. Daniel Craig, in particular, made wearing Church’s on a motorbike seem effortless in 2008’s Quantum of Solace. The shoe is Church’s very own Ryder III suede desert boot, a slight departure from their traditional Oxfords, Derbies, and so on, but still showing that one of Britain’s finest shoe-makers has the ability to craft a good shoe fit for an international assassin.

Buy here


Reebok Pump OXT Sheriff Ahchoos - Robin Hood: Men In Tights

Seen on the feet of: Ahchoo

To say there were no streets in medieval England, Dave Chappelle’s character in Robin Hood: Men In Tights is impeccably street-wise. For one, there's his grasp of late 20th century slang, for another there's the bright pair of Reebok Pumps he wears throughout the film; and it's certainly product placement we can get behind, a sentiment shared by US shoe-house Extra Butter who released the X Reebok Pump OXT “Sheriff” in 2011 - a homage to the original shoes from the spoof musical.

Buy here


Nike Hyperize - White Men Can’t Jump

Seen on the feet of: Billy Hoyle

Spoiler alert: white men do jump in this mid-90s sports comedy. None more so than Woody Harrelson's court hustler Billy Hoyle - and such is the character's legacy, Nike later released a special edition of the Air Flight Lites that he uses to to defy stereotype in style, basing them on the original shoe, giving them a brash 90s colour pattern and even etching Hoyle's line “I’m in the F*#@!ng Zone!” onto the tongue for good measure.

Buy here


Adidas Zissou - The Life Aquatic

Seen on the feet of: Steve Zissou

The holy grail for cinematic trainer obsessives, these, the Zissou Adidas were especially forged by the German sports manufacturer for Wes Anderson, the director's second major partnership with Adidas after Ben Stiller's unforgettable red tracksuit-cum-family uniform in The Royal Tenambaums. Worn by Bill Murray’s oddball oceanographer Steve Zissou and the rest of his quaintly dressed crew, it matches the film’s colour palette superbly, and while an official pair is yet to land, this custom-made tribute to the shoe should sate your appetite until a belated launch.

Buy here




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