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They found a 1000-year-old mummy wearing adidas trainers


So last year, a very well preserved Mongolian medieval mummy was found in the Altai mountains, and the discovery kicked up a big storm, because it appeared that she was wearing adidas. Yeah, 1,500-year-old adidas boots – her crep game was on point up in those mountains, yo.

Anyway – fast forward a year and scientists have finally cleaned everything up and revealed a proper look at the boots. Check out these bad boys:

She'd have been the envy of the community with those swish bizzers.

Galbadrakh Enkhbat, director of the Centre of Cultural Heritage of Mongolia, says “The felt boots are knee length, the soles are leather, and the toecap has stitched stripes in bright red colours.” You can see where the adidas comparisons come from.

He also mentioned: “Various sewing utensils were found with her. This is only our guess, but we think she could have been a seamstress.”

A seamstress, it seems, that requested to be buried with her sewing utensils if anything bad ever happened to her (which it did – scientists reckon she was felled with a blow to the head), as well as her saddle, a fashionable bag, a beauty kit (mirror and comb) and a knife.

Regardless of all of her bling and brand-name footwear, Enkhbat reckons that “Judging by what was found inside the burial we guess that she was from an ordinary social strata. This is despite the classy appearance of some of the possessions with which she is buried, which might suggest to the uninformed a higher status.”

Pretty amazing stuff, as is this original poster that was also found in her grave – she must have really liked those boots:




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