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Master a gentlemanly look


A first impression goes a long way. Which is why it’s vital for the modern gentleman to get his style right.

And there are few men who know more about gentlemanly style than Johan Ekelund, director of Sharp & Dapper and chairman of Gentleman Jack’s Order Of Gentlemen. Ekelund wants more men to look like a gentleman, which is why he has given us his top five tips on achieving sartorial nirvana. And that’s because Gentleman Jack is the true measure of a gentleman – double mellowed, refined and smooth with a Jack Daniel’s edge, it encapsulates the spirit of the modern gentleman.



"A lot can be said about a man and what shoes he is wearing, so it’s worth paying a bit extra. You won't regret it. Important note: polish your shoes and always let them dry for 24 hours between each use."



"A bright spot of colour between your shoes and trouser can make your day. However, when there's a hole in them, they belong in the bin."



"It’s a lot more versatile than black, easier to match, and who doesn't like navy?"



"Keep your shirt tucked in throughout your whole day. Impress your date or boss by making this effort as it shows you’re taking an interest in your appearance."



"Bring that little extra to your outfit: pocket square, tie, bow-tie, hat, braces, belt or bag. All these things and more are great ways to help you look sharp during your day."


Click here for more of sartorialist Johan Ekelund’s exclusive style tips plus videos and more from Gentleman Jack.

A gentleman never loses control. Please drink responsibly.

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