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Supermodel Paul Sculfor tells us how to be the perfect catch


Ever wanted to know how to take that winning dating profile pic? How soon you should ask a girl to Netflix and chill? How to look and smell irresistible? Or just generally how to be a bit of a better version of yourself? Great! Because we caught up with our favourite Essex-born veteran male model, ShortList Men’s Grooming Awards judge and all-round man crush Paul Sculfor to get some answers to just that.

Currently head judge with Abbey Clancy on Britain’s Next Top Model, and with a little black book that includes Lisa Snowdon, Jennifer Aniston and Cameron Diaz it’s pretty safe to say he has a way with the ladies. Thankfully he’s shared some of that wisdom just for you. You can thank us later.

What guys should never do on a date

Don't think it's cool to be late or show off, do be a gentleman, never be rude to the waiter/waitress, do genuinely listen to your date so you can get to know who they are.

How to take a winning dating profile picture

It's all about the lighting. Relax and please don't pout!


Image: Select Model Management

The best 15-minute work-outs to do on the go

A good 15-minute workout that you can do in your hotel room is five minutes of Tai-Chi, then 15 reps of each – push ups, squats, lunges, tricep dips and leg raises done in two five-minute circuits. 

How to groom like a male supermodel

Men's eyebrows look better natural. Trim if needs be but don't pluck! Wash and moisturise your face everyday - splash with cold water before you moisturise. 
Hygiene is key. Keeping fresh and clean is always good so brush your teeth, shower and wash your hands.

The best aftershave for a date night

CREED Aventus – £115 for 30ml from House of Fraser.

What men should always have in their bar

Fever Tree tonic water, San Pellegrino and a good red wine for guests

What to cook for a date

Oven-baked salmon with some steamed green vegetables dressed with olive oil and shaved almonds, and delicious sautéed new potatoes. Something light and tasty, healthy and easy to make. For dessert it's always good to have dark chocolate and strawberries.


When to suggest a Netflix date

When the new series of Stranger Things is out!

His secret grooming weapon

Molton Brown black pepper bodywash is my favourite and leaves skin smelling great – £18 from House of Fraser.

What to never buy your S.O.


The best parks to run in in London

Greenwich Park is great because it has hills. Start at the bottom east corner and run straight up north to the other corner, which will take you up a good steep hill, steady pace through the flower garden and south through the centre of the park. In NYC it's all about Central Park in the summer and the West Side highway for spring.

Greenwich Park

Self-tanning for men

Sometimes you have to. Let a professional do it.

Where to take someone for a grownup date 

Jump in a fun car, drive to Whitstable for some oysters and a walk on the beach and some local shopping before cruising back to London.

Style trends to avoid

Over-groomed brows, super-skinny jeans on muscly legs and generally looking uncomfortable in your own clothes.

When to introduce someone to your mates

When you know that they're a good egg and that they'll have fun.

Grooming treatments that are really worth the time and money

Good facials are really worth it.

Paul 2

Image: Select Model Management

The best city break

Rome is a magical city. There are countless boutiques and luxury hotels, amazing food, weather and the coffee is second to none. It's basically an open air museum so you can stroll and enjoy every cobbled street.

The best spot for last-minute drinks

Soho House is always a good option. Little House by the fireplace or Shoreditch House's rooftop bar.

And for last-minute gifts

Selfridges has everything and is easy to get to, or Net-a-Porter as an online option. Aspinal of London is great for personalised gifts.

Being over-dressed or under-dressed

Neither. Look smart and dress for the occasion.

The best kitchen tech

A magic bullet or nutribullet - I love making smoothies.

What to do for Mother’s Day

Lunch at a traditional London restaurant like Scott's, flowers delivered to her door and her favourite fragrance as a gift.

How to be the perfect gent

Dress for yourself, take pride in all you do, and be kind. 


Britain’s Next Top Model season 11 premieres March 16 at 9pm on Lifetime


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