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Here’s how to perform that barbershop gel/waxing technique at home

A man is at his best when he struts out of a barbershop with a fresh ‘do on top of his head.

Problem is, that take-on-the-world feeling only lasts a couple of hours at best. Inevitably, life will start to take its toll on your bonce a soon as you step into the outdoors, and your immaculate mop will start to lose its salon-fresh style faster than you can say “short, back and sides”.

But the most upsetting thing? Sculpting your hair back to even resemble the glorious shape the barber left you with always seems absolutely impossible from your own home. Forget being a scissor-wielding, gel-flinging maestro hairdresser - you need to be a freakin’ magician to make it happen.

That is, until now. We went to the hair pros at Ted’s Grooming Room, London's premium barbershop, to plead for the intel that’ll help us hone our home hairdressing skills, and the knowledge that’ll have us rocking barbershop-quality hair every day of the week.

Thankfully, they were up for spilling their top secret beans. This is what they said…



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