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5 of the biggest men's hair trends for 2017


Realistically, you’re not going to visit the gym every day, or do that marathon you drunkenly told everyone at your New Year’s Eve party you were going to run. You wheeze going up the stairs, mate, just accept your failing body and move on.

But what you can easily change is your hair, which is why we’ve recruited celebrity hair stylist Jamie Stevens to tell us about the biggest hair trends of 2017 and how you can get them (coincidentally, some of them can be achieved by using his products, what are the chances?), so you can jump on the styles early before anyone else does.

Curtains are making a comeback


“Curtains are back, although slightly cooler than the last time. Guys are opting to keep their longer locks but with a tapered back and sides. This still gives you versatility with your hair and allows you to leave it loose for a more textured softer finish, or you can groom the top for occasions that require a more polished look. Salt Spray is key here to allow you to leave your hair to dry naturally, and a great tip is to mix some paste with a fingernail amount of MR. Conditioner to help create shape and softness.”

What to ask for:

“This look doesn’t work on everyone, so I would definitely ask your stylist if this is for your face shape. It can be worn on longer hair better than shorter hair, anything shorter than approximately 6 inches on the top will not look cool!”

Military precision


“Military looks have been a big trend on the catwalks so this will definitely begin to show up in haircuts. Guys are going for high and tight fades and keeping some textured length on top, this means it can fit into most of the other trends, but mainly it will suit a regimented style. Another option guys have here is to take it all off with a skin faded taper and very tight texture on top.”

What to ask for:

“Basically a real classic short back and sides with a longer disconnected length on top.”

Slick tricks


“Slicked back hair continues to remain a firm favourite and is the perfect look to transition you from the office to a night on the tiles. A nice gel is a must-have to achieve a polished look that will stay put no matter what the day brings. For easy application add the gel to a comb and brush through for better distribution.”

What to ask for:

“This look is all in the styling but it does tend to look better when the hair is shorter, especially around the back and the sides. As soon as the hair hits the shoulders it would be harder to get a sharper sleeker finish. To get that slick finish its important when cutting to keep side burns and the hair line sharp and groomed.”

Ruffled locks


“Texture is this season’s biggest trend for hair. It’s simple and easy to achieve by adding some salt spray to your current hair routine. Spritz a small amount into hair, scrunch and let it dry naturally.”

What to ask for:

“This all depends on what length your hair is to what you ask for, as texture can be added to hair on shorter and longer lengths. The ultimate key to textured hair is keeping your hair layered and texturized through cutting where needed, but your stylist will be able to advise this.”

The disheveled fringe

“Fringes are a great way to make a statement and can be styled in a huge variety of ways. In 2017, we’ll be seeing disheveled as opposed to sleek bangs dominating grooming trends.”

What to ask for:

“The shorter you take a fringe the blunter it will become, so it’s best to keep it a bit longer in length. Depending on the thickness of your hair and hair type, when cutting it, your stylist may want to chop into the hair to give it a serrated edge which will make it easier to separate with product. When using product, add it to the rest of the hair and then the fringe last, so as to not overload and avoid it looking greasy.”

Image source: Rex/Getty



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