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A fresh approach to winter menswear


There’s a lot to be said for feeling fresh when you leave the house for a night out – and that means everything from your breath to your appearance. Dressing up in summer is easy. T-shirt, jeans, trainers, done. But winter is an absolute minefield. Can’t just wear a T-shirt because you’ll freeze, can’t wear jeans all the time because they might not be smart enough for a Christmas party, can’t wear any old trainers because the harsh weather conditions might ruin them the minute you step out the house. So, here’s a few winter style tips that will help you work out what you should do. And for your breath, there’s Smint Mints – a tasty way to keep you fresh.

Wool time

No one wants to wear a thick wool jumper to the pub, as it becomes an absolute sweatbox in minutes. Meet halfway and go for a Bradley Wiggins-esque knitted t-shirt that’ll still keep you safe from the cold, but will give your arms some air inside.


TOPMAN Khaki Zip-up Top, £25.00

Bomb it

Looking for a winter update to the bomber jacket, everybody’s favourite summer lightweight layer? Then a fur lined collar is a stylish and practical seasonal upgrade, but if you want to brave the cold without any extra protection, badges and patches is the key trend.


Marks & Spencer limited bomber jacket, £79

Best foot

If you’re looking to smarten your footwear, then suede is the texture to go for, which works across boots and sports trainers. But we know what you’re thinking: “Suede? In winter weather? You psychopath!” But there’s now tons of shoe protection spray on the market to look after these delicate materials, meaning you can spill your pint on them and not have to worry about returning them to the shop saying they already came like that.


Topman hiker suede hi-top trainers, £65

Roll on

Find shirts and ties a bit too stuff to wear under your Christmas party suit? Then swap for a Seeventies style roll neck jumper for a unique approach, which will make you look like you own a chalet in Switzerland without being horrifically pretentious.


ASOS jumper with high neck, £25

Feel good

December sees excessive eating and drinking, meaning an expanding waistline is a high and sad possibility. But worry about that in January and continue the party with a pair of formal joggers, a deceivingly dapper bottom half that can still be worn with a blazer but keeps all the comfort of sitting on the sofa.


TOPMAN Design AW16 Velour Joggers, £150.00

Great taste with Smint 


Smint, great tasting sugar-free mints, deliver a fresh state of mind and a boost in confidence. With 40 mints per dispenser or 50 mints per tin, you can feel reassured that wherever you are, whatever the occasion and whatever you are wearing, you will be facing everything head on. Available in Peppermint, Spearmint and Strawberry flavours (all sugar-free), feel confident to take a fresh approach to winter fashion together with Smint.




A fresh approach to winter workwear



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