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The 10 scariest clown costumes on the internet and where to get them


There has been sightings of strange, terrifying clowns across the globe lately, lurking in forests and on dark street corners. And it's not just in the States where everything is f*cked up, as the children's entertainers turned homicidal maniacs have also been seen in Manchester, Newcastle and Durham.

You know what this means, right? Yes, we must join our clown overlords, because we will not win the fight against them. So here are the scariest clown costumes on the internet right now.


The worst thing is that you don't know if he's looking at you or not

Clown 1

Oh what lovely...teeth you have

Clown 2

You can show off your figure and make people s*it their pants

Clown 3

Does male pattern baldness run in the clown community?

Clown 4

"Oh hi Mr Chuckles, do you also do bar mitzvahs as well as funerals?"

Clown 5

Forehead not included

Clown 6

Ronald McDonald really let himself go

Clown 7

Ruffles never looked so menacing

Clowns 8

Clowns with spiders is just exactly what the world needs

Clowns 9

When you gotta chase kids at 5pm but run for president at 6pm

Clown 10



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