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5 stylish reasons autumn and winter are miles better than summer


It's September, the glorious dawn of brown leaves, brisk winds and not washing your clothes so often because the sweat isn't pouring out of you like a running tap. And about goddam time.

Why you ask? Because summer is the devil, that's why. It's muggy, there are loads of flies, you can never sleep, kids are off school and free to run amok and have fun on the streets. It's terrible. And there's only so many times you can wear a pair of shorts and a t-shirt before you realise you've been dressing in the same outfit for a month like a Simpsons character.

So we're welcoming the colder seasons into our hearts with open arms, so it can update our style and...

You can wear proper hats again


Hats not only look cool and add more depth to your style, but they also allow you to have a lie in as it eliminates the menial task of sorting out your hair in the morning. And as we all know, with the darker days about to set in, no one wants to be waking up at 7am.

Stall your alarm clock and wear a wide brim Brixton fedora for when you're dressing smarter, or opt for a mini fisherman beanie for everyday wear. They may not cover your ears, but when your head looks this good, who cares about earache?


You can get drunk in ludicrous party wear

Saint 1

Christmas parties. Does any other event bring up such a sense of dread and joy in equal measure? A time to dress up and fall down, where it's acceptable to don gold, silver and velvet without looking like you’re the frontman of an Eighties synth pop band.

This is also applicable for animal prints too, as they just come across a bit cheesy in the height of summer by the pool. But worn underneath a blazer while you're scoffing all the canapes at your office party to line your stomach is a rock 'n' roll approach to festive tailoring.

Saint 2

Layering up with coats


They may not be the most aspirational duo in history, but Withnail & I's coats were absolutely on point. Take inspiration from them (not in the drinking of lighter fluid) and invest in an incredible coat you can practically hibernate in.

Camel coats were massive last season, and it seems like history is going to repeat itself this autumn/winter with the once Yuppy layer now a modern staple that's on the same level as the bomber jacket.


Wrapping up in a scarf


Harry Potter was severely uncool with his non-ironic glasses and unbranded cape (loser), but pulling off a Gryffindor scarf was one of his saving graces. Maybe steer clear away from the Hogwarts branding, but definitely keep the stripes.

This also means dress scarves too, a stylish alternative to a tie when it comes to dressing up for special winter events, like going around your grandparents for Christmas to get questioned on when you’re going to get married and get your hair cut.


Kicking around in chunky boots


Bare feet are vile, and summer is full of them. Fortunately only the Hare Krishnas will probably be the only ones without footwear now the temperature is dropping, while the rest of us nestle into a sturdy pair of hi-top boots.

No longer will your woven loafers get trampled on in the morning on the tube. Say goodbye to what you hope is water leaking through your canvas plimsolls. Winter is coming and it's your turn to do the stomping.



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