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Raw Denim: an owner’s manual


Having been tugged and torn, stained and shredded, denim is moving back to basics. ShortList heralds the raw selvedge jeans revival...

1969 Japanese selvedge straight-fit jeans £64.95 by GAP


Regular slim carrot-fit jeans £220 by EVISU; 0800-123400


‘Kane’ striped raw selvedge jeans £168 by J BRAND


Selvedge jeans £210 by PRPS


Iggy raw selvedge denim £130 by NEUW; 020-3617 0933


Rigid raw dark blue denim low tapered jeans £180 by G-STAR RAW


1954 501 jeans in new rinse £215 by LEVI’S


‘SEN’ made in Japan selvedge denim jeans £190 by EDWIN


Raw Denim: an owner’s manual

by Jonathan Kirby, Levi's VP Global Men's Design

“It may sound strange, but the first time you wear raw denim jeans, take a bath or shower wearing them, and once they are soaked, mould them to your body by moving or squatting in them. Afterwards, squeeze out any excess water and line dry. The jean will hold its shape, as the fabric shrinks to fit.”

“If you prefer a thorough clean, machine-wash your jeans inside-out at 30 degrees. Your jeans will fade after a few washes, so if you plan to wash them regularly, always buy a darker shade for longevity and richer colour.”

“Dry your jeans out in the open air if you can, or hang them in a warm place until they are crispy dry. Never, ever tumble-dry your jeans – it will make them shrink and fade far too much.”

“If you prefer the un-washed, naturally worn look, hang your jeans outside for several hours on a windy day to get rid of any unwanted odours. Some people also swear by folding them and storing them inside the freezer to freshen them up.”

“Wear your jeans in from rigid. The more you wear them, the more they will morph to fit your shape and look more dramatically worn. You’ll never love another pair of jeans more.”

Go to shortlist.com/jeans to find out how to create your own pair



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