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What to buy the women in your life this Christmas: we asked the most stylish women we know


Whether it’s partner, sister, daughter or mother, you’re probably getting ready to buy a woman in your life a present for Christmas.

But what the hell do they want?

Sure you could ask them, but chances are they’ve dropped hints so large they could be seen from Mars, so you might feel like an idiot asking them outright what they want. Instead, check out these suggestions from the Stylist women, who tell you what they actually REALLY want this year.

But, most importantly, what they DON’T want.

Monica Vinader, Siren Stacking Ring


Harriet Hall wants...

I want cold, hard jewellery. No I’m kidding, but something sentimental means a lot, even if it’s something small. Check out Monica Vinader for reasonably priced rings.


The Aspinal Lizard Print Diary


A beautiful monogrammed diary is cool if she’s not organised enough to have already bought her own (guilty).


Mysterium Board Game


Kayleigh Dray wants...

I’m the worst person to ask, because I never know what I want and always ask people to just surprise me with whatever.

But, saying that, I do really want this boardgame

Spotted it in a games shop in San Fran and have been dropping hints like mad. A group of you play together; most of you are psychics, one of you is a ghost. Together, you communicate through visions and séances, and you have to work out how they died, before time runs out… 


Jo Malone Gift Set

Jo Malone

Sarah Biddlecombe wants...

My ideal present would be a Jo Malone gift set featuring my favourite red roses candle – it’s the kind of overly pricey indulgent thing I always really want, but would never be able to justify buying for myself. And you can get it personalised too – I’m always a sucker for stuff with my initials on (aka total narcissist).


Skandium Coffee Grinder


Anna Brech wants…

Sumptuous design + Scandi simplicity = best coffee grinder/snippet of kitchen porn ever.


Pearl White Chopper


This limited edition retro bike is pure gold in my book – rarely do you get such an oh-so-stylish Italian chic pair of wheels.


Nuxe body oil


Moya Crockett wants...

You might think it’s a bit boring, but posh make-up or body stuff is ALWAYS great to get for Christmas, because it’s the kind of luxurious, not-exactly-justifiable thing you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself.

Fancy nail varnish is a good option (try YSL or Dior), as is a fancy highlighter, like this one by NARS. Oh, and Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse is the sexiest body oil in the world and I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like the smell. 

Be careful about what kind of make-up you choose, though. Bright lipsticks or a new mascara are risky (she might not like the colour; she probably already has a favourite mascara), and concealer or foundation says “I’ve noticed you have spots and/or bags under your eyes. Here, try this!”

Diptyque Candle


A Diptyque candle. Yes, you’re literally just burning money, but that’s why you don’t buy them for yourself.


White Spa Dressing Gown


A posh white dressing gown so she can pretend she’s in a spa when she has a shower.


Andy Warhol Be@rbrick


Emily Badiozzaman wants...

I am aware that pining after a 70cm tall plastic bear figurine is weird, but you guys, it's art. Yes, it's expensive, but it's basically an investment. Honestly, they are actually collectible. They're made in Japan by Mediacom and each release sees the Kubrick-esque toy designed by a new collaborator, whether it's the Jackson Pollock studio or Stussy. The dry carbon one goes for over 6k and both Pharrell and Grace Coddington have collections, so we're talking big business. Luckily the Andy Warhol one is more affordable.


Comme des Garçons' wallet

Comme des garcons

Maggie Hitchins wants...

If there’s one thing guaranteed to shatter the illusion of a woman with her sh** together, it’s the moment said woman opens her handbag, fishes frustratedly around for 2 minutes before emptying the entire contents out on the desk in order to simply locate her keys.  Save the woman in your life from that unimaginable embarrassment with the most elegant and stylish purse/pouch on the market. The Comme des Garçons wallet is a classic that never grows old and the perfect size for all handbag miscellany. 

What they’d hate to get…

Sexy Underwear


Harriet Hall hates...

NO sexy underwear.

Coffee table books

Maggie Hitchins hates…
I’d hate a coffee table book - they are designed to make you look clever/cool/impressive but everyone knows that nobody ever actually reads them. 



Emily Badiozzaman hates...

Clothes, you think - she loves clothes. Correct, but there's little more that will make me hate myself for being an ungrateful sod on Christmas day than having to check if you've had the foresight to put the receipt in the pocket of the coat I would never wear.



Harriet Hall hates...

Vouchers say I didn’t make any effort/I have never, ever loved you.

Shit Teddy Bears


Sarah Biddlecombe hates...

Supermarket teddy bears. I’m not 14.



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