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The Bulletproof Baseball Cap


It's normally associated with fun pursuits in the gentle heat of summer, or just generally looking rad and cool (that's what the kids say now right?), but the humble baseball cap is about to seriously up its game.

A company called BulletSafe, who already manufacture bulletproof vests, are going to make bulletproof baseball caps. They're being primarily designed for people to work in dangerous jobs, such as police officers and security guards, and are aiming to be superior to existing military-style helmets, by being lighter, more comfortable and less aggressive-looking.

They're initially securing funding through a Kickstarter campaign - and that's already achieved more than double its goal with a few weeks still remaining, at the time of writing. The design will see a high-quality baseball cap modified with a BulletSafe ballistic panel, with test prototypes stopping rounds up to NIJ level IIA, which can stop .40, 9mm and .38 caliber rounds.

Head to the Kickstarter page to either pledge money to enable Detroit Police Officers to receive one, or buy one for yourself for $99 (£65). Don't start thinking you're invincible though - a bullet anywhere between the vest and the hat and you're still probably going to be in a slight touch of trouble.

[via Geekologie]

(Images: BulletSafe)

Bulletproof Baseball Cap
Bulletproof Baseball Cap



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