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Poker-playing watch


There's something profoundly satisfying about the ritual of poker: the sound of the chips, the feel of the cards on felt, the exhalation as you lose yet another hand.

Christophe Claret are such a fans that they want to take the experience everywhere. No, not in an app, nor a miniature travel pack, but in an insanely intricate wristwatch.

Two years in the making, The Poker allows up to three players to huddle around the 45-millimetre face for a game of Texas Hold'em. A series of wheels containing a full deck of 52 cards will select the flop, turn and river (revealed via buttons on the watch's casing), while further wheels deal a hand to each of the three players. Shutters cleverly prevent other players from seeing your hand.

You'll have to use real-life chips to gamble, if you can afford any - the similarly impressive Claret Blackjack model cost a staggering $200,000 (£121,700). And just in case poker isn't your game, there's a working roulette wheel built into the back.

With only 80 set to be made, this watch sits firmly in the "for someone who has everything" category - because no one in their right minds would want a watch to play poker on.

(Images: Christophe Claret)

(Via: Gizmodo)



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