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Pets Who Like Watching TV


Since their lives are full of a repetitive combination of being fondled by humans, eating food they'd never have chosen from a menu and being blamed for every other household stain, it makes sense that pets would want to kick back and watch TV like the rest of us.

While we could waste a whole article on childish puns (Jersey Paw, Doctor Hoof, Emmerwhale, Auf Wiedersehen Pet), we'd rather show you actual video proof of our animal housemates turning into couch potatoes.

(Image: Rex Features)

Bulldog (Family Guy)

As one of the few shows that portrays talking dogs, without resorting to stereotypes, Family Guy is an obvious canine choice. Bullet here has clearly been taking lessons from Brian as he resorts to watch the entire show, as if he were a human. All that's missing is a dry Martini. Oh and an inappropriate crush on a teenage girl. Thankfully.

Cat (Alien)

You'll probably remember a rather young Sigourney Weaver surviving the first Alien movie. You may not remember that her fellow survivor was a ginger cat. You might assume that cats would find the film to be inspirational, given the gruesome fates that often befall them on the big screen. Not this little guy, however. Along with most other humans, he's watching the action unfold in absolute terror. Betting he sleeps through Alien Vs Predator though.

Turtle (Hollyoaks)

While most of us may wince at the dodgy acting and reduced production values of the Channel 4 soap, this video shows us that it's consistent viewing figures can now be blamed on the surprisingly easy-to-please turtle population. As some sort of revenge for being used as taxis by every other animal, this little guy is literally straining to catch the latest goings-on. We haven't the heart to tell him it's not worth the three days it'll take him to get back to his bed.

Cat (Boxing Match)

If there was one pet who didn't need any further reason to bring violence into suburbia, it has to be the cat. The savage yob of the domestic animal world can be seen here watching a boxing match and getting a little bit too pumped up by the action. We have a feeling that these moves were then practised on some poor shrew sometime after.

Golden Retriever (Air Buddies)

Now, we all know that dogs can be a bit sappy. Anyone who's ever cooked a meal within the vicinity of one can attest to this. But, Air Buddies? Really? The Disney movie about talking dogs provided so much intense action that the sure-to-be embarrassed puppy literally couldn't stay put. Dread to think what happened when she watched Speed for the first time.

Ball Python (The Colbert Report)

Snakes are known for their sly villainy so it makes sense that they'd want to stay on top of what's going on in the world of politics. What's surprising however, is that they'd want to combine it with satire, as seen in this video. Clearly a fan of Stephen Colbert, this python uses his downtime to catch up on what the enemy is up to. And by enemy, we mean every single one of us.


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