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Most powerful animals on Twitter


After we blew the lid off the shocking revelation that animals had been earning a secret wage behind our backs, it seemed only natural that they'd start invading our social networks as well.

We've recently seen an escaped cobra become an overnight celebrity thanks to his smug and attention-seeking Twitter feed so we've assembled a list of the creatures that have been taking control of the computer room once us naïve humans head off to work.

(Image: Rex Features)

Sockington (@sockington)

Followers: 1,482,735

Sample Tweet: NOW WHERE DID I LEAVE MY SLEEPING SPACE can't find it OH WAIT I FIGURED IT OUT it's the entire house SILLY ME hello sleeping space FLUMP zz

Bio: Owned by tech-historian Jason Scott, the domestic cat was originally found as a stray but found massive fame on Twitter, with a spread in People Magazine. Ironic for a cat.

Tone: A bit like a tween. Plenty of caps lock. Occasionally very bad-tempered.

The Bronx Zoo Cobra (@bronxzooscobra)

Followers: 237,681

Sample Tweet: Holding very still in the snake exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. This is gonna be hilarious!

Bio: After he went missing from the Bronx Zoo, the venomous cobra decided to educate the masses on his travels around the city. He's since been caught but still tweets, albeit with a more melancholic slant.

Tone: Previously a bit of a practical joker that was a bit too pleased with himself. Now, a broken snake.

Fluffy (@fluffythecat)

Followers: 14,516

Sample Tweet: Meow...

Bio: Fluffy's Twitter feed is based around her cuteness so she relies on her looks to disguise the fact that all she tweets is the word meow. Over and over again.

Tone: Repetitive

Stanley Pinkerton (@Mr_Pinkerton)

Followers: 10,300

Sample Tweet: You'll discover exactly how heavy 72 lbs can be if you mention the word *bath* around me.

Bio: A bit of a social media fiend, Pinkerton is the CCO (Chief Canine Officer) of Pinkerton South, an advertising agency. Rarely allowing himself time to drool, chase cats or eviscerate rabbits, he's a 24/7 businessman.

Tone: Sales-y. Very corporate for a dog that dresses up as a devil for Halloween.

Aflac Duck (@aflacduck)

Followers: 9,637

Sample Tweet: Last night I dreamt I could fly. Then I woke up and I COULD. #winning

Bio: Gained fame for promoting an insurance company in the US. Was voiced by Gilbert Gottfried but after his Tsunami jokes on Twitter, a new search is on for a replacement.

Tone: Grandiose. Sees himself as a brand. Likes to show off. Sheen fan.

Erica's Fish (@ericasfish)

Followers: 7,431

Sample Tweet: It appears that a cat is now contending for the human's affections. If you'll excuse me, I'll be in a corner plotting. Also, weeping.

Bio: A fish owned by a single woman has transformed into a fish owned by a married woman yet throughout, it has remained envious of the world outside and largely resentful of its owner.

Tone: Bitchy. Sensitive of fish-based jokes. Hateful of cats.

Rudy the Parrot (@rudytheparrot)

Followers: 3,487

Sample Tweet: Thank you for pouring yourself a tall glass of water for me to bathe in.

Bio: A home bird who is predictably pretty extreme with his mood-swings. Also commandeers a YouTube channel which consist of numerous "look at me" vids where he does things like eat celery and dance.

Tone: Sarcastic. Very aggressive at times.

Buddy Rabbit (@buddyrabbit)

Followers: 2.332

Sample Tweet: The family is home and all are planning salads for dinner. Going to give the humans some much needed attention.

Bio: A family rabbit who has little knowledge of life outside of his safe cocoon. Also has a blog which appears to exist just for his owners to show off holiday pictures. Shows little of the aggression that we've come to expect/hope for from rabbits.

Tone: A bit wet. Very frequent. Likes American Idol. Extremely family-focused.



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